Our holidays in Spain

29.07. - 30.07.2009 Let's go to Valencia!

Our holidays in Spain begun one day before with the planning of the route and the booking of the hotel. Yes, that works! Thanks to the Internet! After that we packed our clothes and went to bet and the next day we started at midday. The 7 hour trip to Valencia spun away: wonderful landscape, right music and above all the anticipation! Arrived in the hotel we examined the room and thought it's really nice. Until I had to go to the car again and opend the door together with the "burglary prevention device". The result you see at the pictures.
Valencia is a really nice city. In the evening we started to look for a Cocktailbar. But I didn't thought that it's so hard to find one! At the end I drunk a beer and looked with Dana to the hustle and the bustle. This city is so alive at midnight in the middle of the week! But always under the secure eye of the police! The sightseeing we did at the next day (the market hall is WOW!) and at the evening we went to Alicante, my "old" home.

30.07. - 01.08.2009 next station: Alicante (the "old" home)

The bull welcomed us at the entrance of Alicante and only after some seconds we saw the Castillo Santa Barbara. My heart started to beat faster and little tears came to my eyes. 8 years before I had my last visit in Alicante where I used to live for about a year. This year had a big importance to me, all the more emotional were the feelings in me. For all of you who spent the time there with me: Alicante changes: it gets a Tram, a part of the beach gots a sportspark for old people, the townhall place gets renewed... . But the most important thing: the best Mojito-Bar of the world is still there! And the Mojitos are still the best! And yes, you still have to go down the steps through a really small door to get into it. We had the luck to join a rockfestival for young artists - at the Esplanada. And because of our good holiday-mood and spontaneity Dana and I got a tattoo at our right foot above the knuckle. And we saw a real Spanish dog! But there was also time for Shopping and Sightseeing.

01.08. - 03.08.2009 Barcelona, we're on the way!

To Barcelona I don't have to say so much, because I think the pictures tell enough. After the selection of about 400 pictured I still uploaded a lot to show you. It is one of the most gorgeous cities I know. And also with the hotel we had luck: our booked hotel was overbooked when we arrived, so we got from the same hotel group a room in another hotel which has one star more! But that much time we didn't spent in the hotel. There was too much to see in the city!

03.08. - 04.08.2009 Girona - a final-delicacy

Because we had still one day of our holidays we drove home along the water and decided to stay for one night in Girona. (Besides that we had to put all the written postcards to a Spanish mailbox!) Girona has a really nice old city center, which we were allowed to discover. With a lot of wonderful impressions of a fantastic holiday we drove after that back at "home-sweet-home".