18th until 22nd February! My lovely family visit me in South France...

I was looking forward to my birthday this year. Not only because I was able to celebrate it in South France. My family and my grandma came to visit me. Our time together started at the 18th of February and went 4 days. We had a lot of time to make different trips because I had holidays. After they arrived we had a couple of glasses of wine to celebrate my birthday. And one day later the trips started. First destination was the inner-city of Toulouse. Never park in the car park "Victor Hugo"! The spots for the cars are smaller then my car! And I have a small car! After my heart calmed down (after driving through the car park and parking my car) we turn towards to have a look to the nice sides of Toulouse. Sightseeing!
Friday I fulfilled a desire of my visitors. We went to the Mediterranean Sea. It is so cool to drive only 1,5 hours and you are there! We had sun, blue sky and when we arrived at the Sea we had about 21°C (that's about 70°F)!! After daddy tested the water (for sure only with his feet) we drove to a village with the name Collioure. That's, as you can see at the pics, a little wonderful village with a turret (tower). There we had lunch and later a coffee. The atmosphere was fantastic!
Saturday we did a trip to Carcassonne. For this tour we took Dana with us, because we both wanted to do Carcassonne anyway. The city has next to the present city a mediaeval "castlecity", the Cité. At the 14 hectares lived in the Middle Ages about 3000 until 4000 people. Today only 229 people have there domicile there. It is exclusive for the tourism. At 1997 the UNESCO made it to a World Heritage Site. More I don't have to explain, because I think the photos say more.
Sunday was the day for saying good-bye to my family. I had a wonderful time with them and I wanna thank them for that.