08.02.2009 Let's go to the West!

After Dana an I went for our last trips everytime in direction East and sometimes South we thought about going to the West side of France.So our first aim named Dune du Pilat (the biggest dune of Europe) and Bordeaux. I think that you think directly about the wine. We, too. But we wanted more. We wanted to eat something with Sauce Bordelaise and a regional speciality: Canelé (this is a small piece of cake with egg yolk, rum and a caramel crust, which has to prepare daily fresh, because it's only good for one day. Because of that they cannot export it and so it's a bit expensive. That our guidebook said us...).
When we arrived in Bordeaux the plan was to go a bit through the cityfor sightseeing and then find a restaurant to realize our first aim (Sauce Bordelaise). But it all came to nothing. The city is very very nice but to find a restaurant which offers something with Sauce Bordelaise was all but impossible. So we landed in the worst restaurant of Bordeaux (a Portuguese!). I took a picture, in the case you come to Bordeaux... . But the bloody Steak and the flabby chips took away the hunger (but what is Portuguese in this meal???).
After that we continued the sightseeing and the search for the Canelé. But we didn't had luck to find any specialties that day. So we had a coffee and a little sweet at Ronald Mc and went home because it became dark. The trip to the dune we kept for the next time.