Visitor from Germany 6th until 12th of March 2009

At the 6th of March I had to drive after work directly to the airport, pick up my long looked-for visitor from Germany, driving fast at home, packing the bag, going to the supermarket and by some stuff and the most important thing: buying snow chains. Why? Because I didn't want to risk our weekend in Andorra. The days before it was raining in Toulouse and that means that it's snowing in Andorra. They says in the internet that the way to Andorra from the French side is closed. So it was! We had to drive over Spain. But we arrived well in a wonderful Wellness-hotel: with whirlpools, sauna, a lounge, an internet-room and a room with computer games. But we wanted the Wellness! So we had a day later both a 1hour massage! That was sooo good. And it was over to fast. The 3 days were really wonderful. At the end we did a trip with a cablecar from Encamp up to the mountains were the snow is. Ant it was WOW! So we had at the patio a drink and then we went back to Colomiers. At the way back we drove at the way which was closed the Friday. So we had the possibility to enjoy the mountains there before we abscond in a big dark cloud.


At our trip to the Pyrenees I let speak the pictures, because at so many places the nature calls the shots.


Our midnight-trip to Lévignac was so much luck. At this day I was at work because of an important meeting. And there they said that a new machine is coming. The transport takes every time the same way and they have to drive through really small villages where the ways are so small that the "barrels" fits barely. Lévignac is the nearest village for us. So we drove with Dana to it. An A380 arrives in several parts: 3 "barrels" (=sections), 2 wings for the front (the big ones with the engines), 2 wings for the back (the smaller ones) and the empennage. That was spectacular! If you would live there, you could touch it really easy if you would stay at a balcony.


At the last day we went in the morning to Toulouse. Every time when I go to Toulouse I discover new sides of the city. I would like to share them with you, so have fun while clicking through the photos.