here and there - the summer is here!


Dana and Franzi go to a casino

This Casino is amazing! Dana and I dressed up for that event. Dana had already been there for her X-Mas-Party and told me a lot about this. So we made it real and went there together. It was really exciting for me and yes, you have to set a limit and be hard with yourself. We made it! And enjoyed the evening, even if the cocktail costs almost 10 Euros!


Mid of June 2009

A weekend in the "Spreewald", Germany

That was fun but this time without rain. After we got wet through all clothes the last year, we had good luck this year. All the water at our clobbers we

credited ourselves. Sunday we did a trip on a float at the "Sedlitzer See". And we got those 2 hours withour rain at that day! Choice!


Beginning of July 2009

Pool, BBQ, nature

Here you see our poolboy :) and a typical BBQ and that Katzi likes it as well.