24th of January Hurricane Klaus ravaged in Colomiers

As you heard perhaps in the News, hurricane Klaus was for a visit in South France and Spain. In Spain a gym collapse back upon itself. It was not so heavy here but he did mischief here as well. With his unbelievable force (about 180 km/h) he eradicated monster trees, devastated gardens, hurtled shields and even things at the Airbus factory were damaged. Dana had to work at this Saturday. I sat at home and was in a blue funk. Because of the noise you were not able to sleep so I got up really early in the morning. The thirst thing I did was to close all the wooden things in front of our windows. I stood at the window permanently and hoped that my car keep well. I was fascinated of the force of nature. And I was worry about Dana. At the area of the factory there is often more windy then anywhere else. And then I got a message from her, that external paneling flies around. And 10 minutes later I got a message that the factory has to evacuate. Now my position changed between kitchen (I prepared the lunch) and window (that I see if Dana comes home and I can open her the door). The mobile phone all the time next to me, if she calls in case she needs help. Like in a thriller. The wind bear against the house. The garbage cans flies around, as well broken off branches and dirt. Permanent it clangs somewhere.
All went well and we had a comfy evening: movie, garlic mush, baguette and a lots of prawns.
(Monday Klaus was the theme number 1 at work. And I have to say that Dana and I had really much luck. Colleagues had electric power outages etc. I am happy that our biggest problem was to reactivate our satellite dish that we have TV again.)


I would say, have a look at the pictures. They say more then words.
After the hurricane was gone at late afternoon, the sun came out. And at the next day we had wonderful blue sky. Let's go to the Mediterranean See!