Move / House / Setting

After my 3 months in the hotel it was time to change the accommodation. (I cannot be so decadent to life for the whole time in the hotel *smile*.) Besides I don't get the hotel payed after three months any longer.

So Dana and I tried to get informations before where we can move. Before I got to know Dana , I thought about moving to the city Toulouse. But after the training course in Hamburg we decided to move together in a house. Perhaps you think now: "A HOUSE?!", but this it not so abnormal here. When you decide to move together with someone it can be cheaper than to move alone (or together) in a flat. An example: A 40 square meter flat costs about 500 Euros (but that is for a flat with is not in the central). Dana and I decided us for a house which costs 900 Euros . That means 450 Euros per each nose. Cheaper. The nice thing at the house is that we have 5 rooms. So we have minimum 1 guest room ;). Also there is no traffic jam on the way to and from work, like it would be when we would live in Toulouse. Our lovely house is located in the city Colomiers. It has a garden with some fruit-trees and to work I drive only 15 minutes. Colomiers is a commune in the Haute-Garonne department in southwestern France. It's the largest suburb of the city of Toulouse, and is adjacent to it on the west side. Thus, it is a member of the metropolitan Community of Agglomeration of Greater Toulouse. And there I live now.

Before we moved in the house there lived other Germans. We adopt all of the furniture and technical stuff from them. We saved so much money because we didn't have to by f.e. a fridge, a washing machine and a dishwasher. But that doesn't mean that we wanted to let all like it was (old-fashioned and cold). So we visit building centers, furniture shops and for sure IKEA - but we didn't mind *smile*. And we decided to paint the walls in the rooms and in the corridor. You will see at the pictures, why. A big perfidy was waiting of us: Danas room was greenblue!!! That was because the landlady of the house (85 years, but fit as a fiddle) instructed a painter before the other Germans moved in. And it's not like in Germany that the walls get a white color. Here they use a color which is at this moment to much. And in this time it was greenblue... And the worst thing: washable.

We thought positive and bought color painting all 4 rooms maximum two times. Luck that we started at Danas room. After the first time we knew that we have to paint a second time, because the green was still to see. After the second time the green was still there!!! Not at the whole wall but at different points. So we had to mix a new bucket of color. Bisides we had to paint my room as well. So we thought we only overpaint the areas were the green still is. And after we did this we started in my room. And then we had a look in Danas room: The green was gone but the new color was a bit lighter then the old one! So paint again! After the 4th time we were happy that now all was nice like we wanted to have it.
One week later we painted the corridor. We only needed one attempt and had really good help.

Who watched out, knows that there are still 2 rooms (the balcony room, guest room) and the living room. The living room we didn't have to paint because the color was ok for us. The guest room we don't paint as well because there is all fine. The balcony room we have to do! This is necessary if you emphasis a bit aesthetics. Have a look at the pictures and you will understand.

Anyway, our house is our pride and joy and we feel at ease with it (even if it's not the newest).