27.04.2010 Trip to Lyon for Championsleague Semi-Final

Champions-League Semifinal in Lyon! And Bayern Munich had to play! No question: If we get tickets, we are there live in the stadium. One week before all was cleared and we had our tickets. And at the “Decision”-Day we drove after a short day at work 6hours to Lyon. The contingent of the beer was fast reduced and short before Lyon we were really hungry. But, no worries, we thought, there should be the big yellow M anywhere in Lyon. Between all the Fans and cars we saw it, but we didn’t get a chance! After parking the car in a restricted area we didn’t had the time for get some food. But the hunger was forgotten fast, after we entered the area of the stadium: the football-fever was back!

The result of the game: 3-0 for Bayern Munich. We drove happy back to Toulouse and the only stop we had to make was at the gas station to get something to eat. And then the 2 hours sleep to the next working day returned to our minds….. But that was worth it!