My week in Germany

At the 2nd of January I flow back to Germany, where my aunt and my cousin picked me up from the airport and invited me to dinner at their house. We had (finally!) real German food, where I know what I eat and I enjoyed it. At the weekend I celebrated with my family Christmas, where I got a lots of nice presents. The Christmas tree with real candles kept up and I really felt good. I was in doubt for a really long time if I could get in a Christmas mood, but after I saw the tree and after I got this typical Christmas smell in my nose... I even hadn't abstain from the goose... ok I had, because it was not a goose it was a canard/duck... or better: two (Although I was still full from the New Years Eve dinner!).
In my German week I did something were I never thought before that I will do it one time in my life: I learned to ski. At a wish of one individual men... . What a luck that we have near to Dresden in Altenberg the possibility. With a real skiing instructor. And I must admit that I lost my fear. Even after an adventurous downhill. We started with really easy exercises: lowland, baby hill, all in a slow way. But when the instructor decided that the time is ripe for the big hill, I felt a bit queasy. I had my first cropper when I tried to get out of the ski-lift. But I wasn't the only one. Three of the other pupils did the same as I after me. I tried to get up, but I had to laugh so much that it was really difficult. They had to stop the lift!
Back again on the skies we started in a really slow way to get down the hill. At the steepest point we practiced turnings. And there I crossed the skies of another pupil and was not able to brake. I got faster and faster and faster. The downhill wind blew me around my ears and there was no chance to stop. The only things I thought, were: "Don't fall down, don't fall down!" and (what the teacher learned us before) "bend forward, bend forward! Never backwards!"
Finally it became complanate (flat) and I was able to stop. I could jump! I was so happy that I didn't fall down. Probably my adrenaline level was not measurable and I was happy and a bit proud of myself, that I end the "trip" without any hurt.
At the second try I felt out of the lift again, but I was able to get down the hill in a slow uneventful way. The next challenge were the sour muscles at the next three days.