2nd November 2008


Since my last report a bit happened in my life. I was with a colleague (Dana) from the 30th of September until the 28th of October in Hamburg for an Airbus Newcomer-Training.
At the 30th we were at work in the morning. In the afternoon we went to the Toulouse Airport and about 9 pm we arrived in Hamburg. We changed the plane in Brussels. The could pay kilometer allowance! We had 50 minutes to get from the one to the other gate. But that is nothing! But all went well. And Hamburg welcomed us with 12 degrees and rain.


(see at the first row of pics in the german version)


What a change! Some hours ago we had 24 degrees and sun and that felt cold! And now... . But after some minutes we got used to - we thought. Because at the following first „school-day" we were freezing and had to heat up the room!
The Training was really interesting. In the 4 weeks we learned a lot. At the end perhaps a bit to much. My head was smouldering! I hope I can use my new knowledge now!
In Hamburg I had a really „nice" hotel in a part of the city called Finkenwerder. The most positive thing was that it was near by my training-rooms. The worst, that it was really far away from the innercity. Because of that at the weekends I went to Dresden or other cities. Only one time I went to the innercity. That takes me more than 1 hour!


(see at the second row of pics in the german version)


Now I am back in Toulouse. Our flight back was at the 28th of November at 6:45 am!!! That means get up unbelievable very in the morning. After arriving in Toulouse we went to work. And when I came to the hotel I was knackered (that's a funny word! I just found it in the dictionary ;) ). Yesterday (Saturday) I got it to put all my clothes in the cupboards. I have an apartment in the same hotel like before Hamburg. But now I lokk in the other direction an it's one floor higher, so I have a balcony now.
One surprise at work: I had to change my team. That were really bad news for me and I was sad, because I liked my team really much. And now I am in a totally new team at a brand-new plane. The new team is nice too. But wait and see how it will be.