25th of January We make a trip to the Mediterranean Sea

After we "survived" hurricane Klaus, we planed for Sunday a trip to the Mediterranean Sea. We had fantastic weather: sun, blue sky and more then 10°C (50°F). Perfect!
Before we had a look in different brochures where we wanna go. In direction Montpellier there should be some nice places. So we decided to drive on the AUTOBAHN ;) to Séte and then from there next to the Sea to Agde.
Séte is a port at the cost of the Mediterranean Sea of South France. The little fisher town lies 32km south west from Montpellier and is totally surrounded by water. They call it "Little Venice of the Languedoc". Séte shell have 12 port bridges (I haven't see all.). The port exists since 1666.
On the way along the sandbank "Le Toc" to the 19km far Cap d'Agde are arranged different beaches, which are used by locals and tourists in the summer. We had a quick stop there as well. It was fantastic! At the Cap d'Agde we had the next stop. And there it was the first time that we saw French playing Boule (Pétanque). Like in the movies! A group of old men bowl metal and wooden balls. The aim is, to come as nearest as you can with your own ball to the "markball". The "markball" and the balls of the opponents are allowed to change their position.
Back to Agde: Originally Cardinal Richelieu (1585 - 1642) wanted Agde as a port but because of it's offers for the leisure time it developed to a very touristy place. Our highlight at this beach were the mussels! I haven't seen a beach before which is only made up by mussels. Not only small ones, really big ones! I took pictures and picked some (you cannot overcome that temptation). Because we wanted to see after Agde more beaches, we drove right to the next one: Sérignan-Plage. But on the one side it got dark and on the other side this beach was really touristy. So we started in direction home.