My first week in Toulouse

Here I am again and my first week in Toulouse is almost over. Yes it was exciting (but sometimes also deflating (hope this is the right word). But at the end I don't wanna go back home as fast as possible. It is really fun with the colleagues. They are nice and help me a lot. At work I speak actually in german and English. English because the most of the "blue-colour" people come from Britain. By the way I am a so-called "white-colour" because I don't work into the airplane. I sit outside an look what's to do. Sometimes I have to go into the airplane to control if there all is ok or if I look for something I cannot see in the constrction plan.


But that you know a bit what I mean, now some explanations:
I work in an Airbus-factory called Lagadère. It next to the Toulouse-Blagnac-Airport. There are different halls. And in this halls fit sometimes several A380-airplanes. The hall in which I work at the moment has the number L33. But that is not an important information for you. Sadly it's not allowed to take pictures. But I tried to make an adumbration (you see above).

Straight next to the airplane is an area where they put some desks. There the "white-colours" sit (me too) allocated to different special fields. I am f.e. work at the moment for the so-called Maindeck (there are 3 floors in the A380: the Upperdeck, the Maindeck and the Lowerdeck). And in the Maindeck the rear part is called here Section 18. So at the end I am in the Team which is accountable for the Maindeck Section 18. We attend to the electric stuff (the cables f.e.). If I translate my Job-Position word-by-word from german to English than it's called: "Coordinator for Input an Production Control". Clear?!


Why was the last week also deflating? When I arrived at my first day at Airbus they asked me what I am doing there. Normally I should be in Hamburg for a (Newcomer-)course and not in Toulouse. Without the course I don't really can work here because I need the knowledge about the different computer-programms. A little bit I already learned because my colleagues told me. But at the end I need the certificates if the courses. So I will be in Hamburg almost the whole October. I am happy about that, so I finally can work for full when I come back to Toulouse.
The next deflating thing was that I have to be at work at 7 in the morning!!!! I am in the earlier-shift. But I think it's better than the late-shift which starts at 2pm. When I do the earlier-shift I still have something from the day. But it is soooooo f***ing hard to get up in the morning (or should I say night). At the moment I have to let ring my alarm clock at 5 in the morning that the Franzi-Systems have enough time to boot up. I love the weekend because I can sleep as long as I want!! (It was so wonderful this morning!)


Last week I also hat the safety-course at Airbus. It's really important! Now I have special shoos and a special cap. And I already got my Airbus-Identification badge. *be-proud*


Next to my job I didn't do a lot in my free time. I need a bit time to get used to the new situation and ambiance/environment. We (Alexandra, colleagues of her and me) were one time for lunch in a really yummy pizzeria. The meal in the canteen is pretty good. You always find minimum one meal which tastes good. French fries are free. But I cannot eat every day French Fries.
Friday they had stuffed cabbage. That was yummy. When I saw the first time the mashed potatoes there, I thought it's a big bowl of mustard! *laugh* Mashed potatoes have a really green-yellow colour. Ididn't taste it yet. But the rice is very tasty.

Friday in the evening Alexandra took me to a friend of her. That was a dinner in a restaurant next to a Rugby-Stadium with a concert. So it started with some music from the band with the name "Chucky Arla" (you can find them in the internet), then we had a 3-course-menu. That was really good. And after that music again.
The only thing I have to note (negative) is that French people have the same tic like Spanish people. Before we came there, they said us that it costs 22 Euros. After all they said us that we have to pay 27 Euros!

Today is Sunday. I slept until 09:30am and now I will see what I can do today. I think I have to learn some French. Or I could drive with my car a bit around. ;)