17.02.2010 - 19.02.2010


My 30th birthday! Finally!
Already before it, some people tried to make me afraid of this day, but I was looking forward to it.
All started with a little see-in at the bowling center in Colomiers. Like every Wednesday. But this time it was a duty to play until after midnight. When it rang 12 o'clock the birthday chorus started to sing and from the people of the bowling center I got a birthday cocktail and a crazy wig on my head. My 31st year of my life started. And I have to say: I LIKE IT!


After a short night I got welcomed with a birthday cake and a bunch of flowers. Dana took great pains and put the cake already one day earlier out of the fridge to defrost it. Regrettably it was an ice cake...... ;)


Work passed by fast and in the afternoon I went straightly to my mom and dads hotel. They arrived at lunch time. I was really happy to see them. Next to all the great presents I got one really wonderful: My own Chronic! 30 Years Franzi. Tinkered with so much love! I laughed tears already reading it! Thanks a lot mom and dad!

In the evening we went all to a good restaurant (Crocodile) and had real good meat. :)


Friday my sister came, were I was looking forward to. And after the people from the airport found the right ladder, I was able to hug my sister. A long shopping tour followed and ended with a great dinner in our house.


20.02.2010 THE PARTY!!!!


I don't think that you need more then the pics..... :)


Only one thing: the person who took all the pics is not on the pics itselfs. I was a bit sad about that and because of that at this place a special thanks to Christoph! Thanks for so many good pictures!