Trip to "Pic du Midi" (26.06.2010)

End of August I had a „VIP“ visitor from Germany with who I enjoyed - after a wonderful Friday at the Mediterranean Sea – at Saturday a trip to the mountains. We drove to the Pic du Midi. You have to have good luck that the top of the mountain is not covered by a cloud and hides the wonderful view. In face of the advices of the ticket seller, that the situation on the top is not the best, we risk the drive-up. In the valley the sun was shining and we wanted to go up. Who knows, if we have another day where we come back… . And who knows, perhaps we have good luck.

But at the drive-up we exhaled in a huge cloud, which denied us the hoped view despite the sunny reception. Anyway, it was a fantastic experience. The withdrawal we started when another huge cloud almost wanted to dispatch us.

At the return journey some freedom-loving cows procured some shock-experiences and showed us, who call the shots :)