Oh man! 4 weeks ago I thought "That can be done!". But meantime I am a bit scared stiff.

My temporary employment agency in Hamburg, which employed me for Airbus, calmed me a bit. If it will be like they promised me, I can go without any "fear" to France. They support me in so many things, f. e. they refund almost all costs I will have on my journey to Toulouse, or they help me to find a flat there and so on.

But some things I have to do on my own. For example to bye a car! horrible! But at the end it was ok, because my parents supported me. And now I drive a Peugeot 206 Quicksilver (109hp!)

Then you have to go to so many authorities, because I end my autonomy (It's a special way of employment.). And then I had/have a bit problems with the "lovely" employment center. But I don't say anything to that, because I am at my wits' end.

The next is that I have to think about the things I have to pack. And so the stress never ends! I am happy that I don't have to give notice on the flat. I think that I keep the flat minimum for 6 months longer. (You never know what happen.)


Oh! No, I cannot speak French! But I try to learn it. I got a course with a CD. I fight me through the whole thing. But that is not easy... What a language! ;(