16.-24.10.2009 I am Sailing!

In the middle of October I had my second summer-holidays - the first one went to Spain as you already know. This time it should be a bit more stormy and wet: I went to a sailing trip to Italy.
I'd never been before sailing and I was a bit afraid, that my stomach doesn't like it so much. But at the end I can tell you that I didn't even had the possibility to feed the fishes. Far from it! I had so much fun!!! (When you got used to the move of a boat.)
After we thought a the beginning that we didn't get a chance to sail because of the weather we started after two days at the home port. And because the Sea was not really quiet the rocking started right away. The route was going to Elba and then around this island. We had luck to have almost every kind of weather once and our 3 "sailing-pupils" passed at the end their exam. But the trip was not without intricacies. The wind played with us, the main sail cracked, then the (alternative) spinnaker didn't beared up the heavy winds and at the end one of the gas-bottles wanted to have a round in the sea. But exactly all that made the cruise interesting and exciting. We all got saved back to our Home Port in Porto Santo Stefano. At this place: many thanks to all who took part at that trip!