My New Years Eve 2008 / 2009

Because my Christmas time was more silent then hectic, I had enough energy to celebrate New Years Eve. And I tell you: I didn't laugh like there since a long time. I believe you are not able to laugh more. Actual I should have had sore muscles at the next day. New Years Eve I celebrated with 5 colleagues and it was a real banquet! Everyone brought something. I was responsible for the starters. And the "job card" said that we should have had meal for until 4 am. So I put one's shoulder to the wheel. I think the portion should have sufficed for 15 or 20 people. But all of them liked my starters. Here the Menu of the evening:


1st course (starters): (we started about 8pm)
filled champignons, Bruschetta, Feta cheese at Zucchini, Date with ham / gammon around, Prawns-Minispits, half eggs with caviar (red and black)


2nd course:
spicy cream of pumpkin (brilliant!)


3rd course (main course): (when we started this it was already the 1st of January 2009)
fresh tuna rolled in sesame with potatos and a dragon fruit (Hylocereus undatus = with white flesh and fuchsia pod; they call it as well Pitahaya) (brilliant!)

4th course (dessert):
cake with fruits (Sadly I don't remember, but I remember that it was brilliant!)


We drunk the whole time mostly sparkeling wine and champagne

As you can see at the pictures: I was sooooooooo full! Now I am persuaded of knowing how a pregnant woman feels who gets triplets..