18th of January - One evening in Toulouse

In January 2009 it was an aim of Dana and me that we have to go once to the city of Toulouse to walk around there and have something to eat. Dana haven't been in Toulouse before - only for some minutes with her car. So it was time! We did this then on a Sunday Evening (as well, that we cannot shop) and had a look for Toulouse at night. I was at the beginning of my France time with my dad in the city, but there were so many people! Ttally a contrast to this night: it was quiet, even if there were still a lots of thing went on. And I love this warm street lighting in the southern countries! After a while we looked for a restaurant, because we didn't wanted Fast Food. We found the pizzeria „Le Pinocchio". A good choice! Suddenly Dana liked olives - she never likes olives! Now I didn't have them for me alone *sulk*. Our pizzas were really yummy! We did a little after-dinner walk to the Garonne (the river through Toulouse) and then back home. It was a nice evening, as you can see at the photos.