11th of September 2008


Today I drive with my dad to Freiburg im Breisgau. There we sleep in a hotel. And tomorrow it goes to Toulouse.


14th of September 2008

We got it! Dad and I arrived in Toulouse. And that with a nice sunshine (that was not so long, but it was nice that the sun were there). But let's tell from the start.
Before the trip should be started, I tried all, that nothing happened. I say "I tried". Nothing bad happened, I only felled upstairs and now I have a big bruise.
But then the trip started after a long and sad Goodbye from mom an my heart. Let's go to Freiburg im Breisgau! (Start at 5 pm.)

The trip needs about 687 km (about 426,88 miles). Our stops:
1. Fränkische Schweiz Pegnitz 07:30 pm
2. Changing the driver - Frankenhöhe 09:00pm
3. Refuel - Rastatt (Untere Wiesen 2) 10:45 pm

After arriving in the Etap-Hotel at 11:44 pm the only way we did was the way to the bed. The next day should be hard and long and we had to be "fresh".
After a good breakfast we started at Friday at 09:00 am.

The trip needs about 976 km (about 606,46 miles). Our stops:
1. Dole Romange 11:15 am
2. Refuel and Changing the driver - Aire de Bourg-Teyssonge 12:45 pm
3. Aire de Tavel - Nord 03:15 pm
4. Viewpoint Carcassonne 05:45 pm
5. Refuel and Changing the driver - Aire de Lauragais 06:15pm

At the trip nothing exciting happened. (Thankfully!) I took some pics, because the landscape got nicer and nicer in the south of France. Sometimes the sun "looked" through the clouds. And at about 7 pm we arrived! That you know how it looks here, I took some pictures. I can go to the pool and to the sauna. And I can do something against the (fat-)rings at my belly :)

At Saturday I went with my dad to the Carrefour to shop some necessary things and look around here. We drove together the way to the airport and to my job. That I know were I have to go, when I am alone here. That worked out really good. Im about 20min I am at work.

At the Carrefour there was the first queasy situation. I think that French people don't really know how to put the traffic signs on the right place. Instead of the Carrefour parking place I stood at some Car-Wash-Park. And after finding the parking place one French guy almost hit my car while driving backwards. My heart was bumping!!! And then at the cash-point my credit card didn't work... The till girl (It wasn't really a girl..) looked at me and said something in French. I looked back with big eyes because I didn't understand anything. Then she bubbled something in French and after the third try with my credit card my dad paid with his. The only thing I thought was "get out of here as fast as possible" I only said "Merci! Au revoir!".
After lunch at my hotel room we went to the center of Toulouse. I needed a city map and wanted to drink a coffee with dad. It was a nice experience to search a parking place. They are crazy here! But at the and (as you see at the pics) I found one, which I think my car liked, too. ;-)
In the city was a lot of to see. A group with a lots of drums were there and made music. That was pretty cool. Ans a Capuera-Group showed what they can do. (Capuera: It's a kind of fight technic but you don't hurt someone and you do it with music.) Then we walked around a bit and at the end we went to a coffee and I did my first order in the French language. I think I did it well, because we got the right stuff.

At the Carrefour my dad and I bought also something to drink for the evening. So that we can enjoy the evening. Daddy bought a Rosé Wine and I wanted something like sparkling wine. But I should read the label the next time! Guess what was written at the label?! "sans alcool"! It's good if you can read and you know the language! But at the and it was ok, because I had to drive my dad to the airport at the next morning. We had to wake up at 04:45 am. So I was not "boozed" (haha) the next morning. But the "stuff" tasted like tea with some foam! ;(
From the airport I found back home to the hotel. Good that we practiced it! After that I went to bed again and slept 2 more hours.

At the afternoon my friend Alexandra came and we went with a friend of her to a city called Merville. It's not so far away from here. They have there a Labyrith. It's a kindof a game where you have to answer different questions and if you are right you get a code to open doors or something like this. It was fun. But it was hard, too, because it's all in French. And I don't have any idea of that language! At the end we found the right way out of the labyrinth... So I can write you at the moment!
Hope you enjoyed the text and you understood all. Have a look to the pictures if taken.

Tomorrow (15th of September) is my first day at Airbus. I am a bit nervous! So let's wait and see. It will be exciting, I am sure.